How to Identify a Scammer on a Sugar Daddy Dating Site?


Sugar Daddy Dating SiteWhether you are a sugar daddy or a sugar baby looking to find an arrangement on a sugar daddy website, then good for you! It's a great way to find the right kind of relationship for you while making the best of the rewards being offered. While you will mostly find genuine people on sugar daddies dating sites, there are of course exceptions for the rule. There are some scammers on sugar daddy sites, both in terms of the younger girls and the older men. Being able to identify the scammers easily will mean that you can block them and move on to more genuine people.


A scammer sugar baby - how to know


- Many sugar babies are beautiful but if she is too good to be true and her pictures look fake in some way (like she's just grabbed photos of models from the internet,) then it's probably all a lie. You could find out if her pictures are fake my using Google reverse image search. This kind of scammer will also pull every excuse she can think of not to video chat with you or meet in person.


- If she's asking for money or gifts BEFORE you've even met in real life, then she is likely a scammer. Insist on meeting her first before you give her anything but if she insists, put it down to bad luck and find somebody else. You wouldn't expect to be paid before you'd even started a job would you? It's the same principle.


A scammer sugar daddy - how to know


- If he claims to be local but is always unavailable to meet, then this could be a red flag. He could just be busy of course but if this happens three times or more, he is definitely a scammer.


- The way that they talk to you just seems "weird." Whether that be their spelling, grammar or the kind of things they are saying. Scammer sugar daddies who are simply wasting your time will promise you EVERYTHING but give you NOTHING. If he seems too good to be true in terms of how good looking or wealthy he is, then maybe he is but time will tell with this one.


- If when arranging your first meet-up in real life, he insists on meeting somewhere private then please say no. This is for your own safety in addition to the fact that he could be a scammer. No amount of promises or money are worth jeopardizing your life for, so please be safe when you meet up - always do so in a public location like a bar or restaurant.




Now that you know more about how to find the genuine sugar daddies/babies from the scammers, you have all the tools you need to find the right person for you. Not only have scammers got bad intentions in mind, they could also be dangerous! Starting a relationship of this kind is not for everyone but if you have the right outgoing personality for it, why not give it a try? Check out the best sugar daddy websites on



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