Why Sugar Daddies Like Asian Sugar Babies?

Asian Sugar Baby

While most men are allured by the charms of women from all around the globe, it has been proven that a high percentage of sugar daddies prefer Asian girls to be their sugar babies.


Sugar Daddy websites offer a service where sugar daddies can sign up to find the perfect sugar baby and vice versa. But why do sugar daddies prefer the company of Asian girls? Here are some reasons why:


How do Asian sugar babies differ from other sugar babies?


- Their looks: they have specific skin-tone, hair color, and size

- Attitude towards men: they are bought up to be respectful and submissive

- They are more polite than American or British sugar babies who are used to being more outspoken

-They are great cooks and expect to serve their sugar daddies with food and pampering which isn't a guarantee with other country's sugar babies


They are beautiful and small


Asian women are renowned for being gorgeous, and also, for being petite. Girls from Asian countries are very fortunate because they are blessed with clear skin and less chance of developing wrinkles as they get older. The dark hair, pretty skin, and sultry eyes of Asian girls is a huge drawcard for many men. Small, toned, and dainty bodies are also a lucky characteristic of Asian women, this can make men feel tall, strong and manly next to them!


They are exotic, especially for Caucasian men


A Caucasian sugar daddy looking for an Asian sugar baby is most likely attracted to the exotic appearance and characteristics of Asian women. It makes men feel luxurious and adventurous to have an Asian sugar baby, as it is a way of experiencing another culture and another type of beautiful women to what they are used to seeing in their own country.


Asian women are polite and submissive


Asian cultures have very deep-set traditions when it comes to how a woman should behave in relation to men. Asian sugar babies are appealing to sugar daddies because they are known for respecting the wishes of their sugar daddy and are happy to honor his wishes without being difficult.

Some men have an Asian fetish


Just like some men have a red-head fetish or plus-size fetish, many sugar daddies have an Asian fetish and like the idea of having an Asian sugar baby to pamper and spoil. Having an Asian sugar baby can be a dream come true for many sugar daddies who have dreamt of spending time with a gorgeous Asian girl all to themselves


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